Hygiene Tabs

Laikykite drėkintuvus higieniškai švarius

Prekės kodas: A-140
Už optimalią drėkintuvo ir oro ploviklio higieną
Biologiškai skaidus
Lengva naudoti, švelnus medžiagoms ir bekvapis
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Product information Hygiene Tabs

The humidifier filters ensure that the evaporator families Oskar and Karl optimally humidify the air. The humidifier filters are manufactured from plant and textile fibres. The antibacterial treatment keeps the material hygienic. The humidifier filters should be replaced every 2-3 months in order to maintain hygienic humidification and a high level of efficiency.

Technical data

Product family

Drėkintuvo priedai


0.15 kg


220 x 171 x 74 mm

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Easy to use

Just add one tablet to the water tank or water container of your humidifier or air washer every two weeks and fill up with water. And that’s it: the hygiene tab will then dissolve without trace and enrich the indoor air with hygienically clean water.

Product of Switzerland

Durgol – the Swiss cleaning product specialist – developed the hygiene tabs specially for Stadler Form. What is more, the unique hygiene tabs are manufactured in Switzerland.

Good environmental compatibility

Hygiene Tabs are biodegradable. They break down naturally, without leaving any residue harmful to humans, animals, or nature.


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Designed in Switzerland

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