Why is it important to fight allergies?

Why is it important to fight allergies?

The main thing in the treatment of any disease is to eliminate its cause. Medicine is actively trying to find out the nature of allergies and learn to deal with its causes. However, for most people suffering from this problem, the easiest and most affordable way to alleviate the symptoms of an allergy is to eliminate its pathogen.

At the same time, it is very important to recognize an allergy in time and understand that disturbing symptoms (for example, runny nose or redness of the eyes) are an allergy, not a cold or a virus. The fact is that allergies are not just discomfort, but also the risk of developing more serious diseases. So, various studies demonstrate the relationship of bronchial asthma with allergic rhinitis. Moreover, according to WHO studies, if allergic rhinitis is timely and correctly treated at an early stage, then the development of bronchial asthma can be avoided, or at least reduce the risk. To do this, along with medical assistance, it is recommended to minimize contact with the allergen.

Eliminating the food allergen is quite simple - we can “clean” the diet. But how to clean the "oxygen" diet? First you need to figure out what it consists of.

The main groups of allergens that can be in the inhaled air:

Household dust: it would be better not to know this, but its composition is impressive in its variety - mushrooms, plant fibers, food particles, scales and insect excrement, particles of the epidermis of animals and humans.

Dust mites: these cute insects themselves are not dangerous: they do not bite, do not drink blood and are not carriers of infections. On the contrary, they monitor purity by eating dead particles of human skin. This goodness most accumulates in mattresses, bedding, and here it is very cozy for dust mites - it’s warm and humid.

Epidermal allergens - the same allergy "to cats", and more precisely - to their skin. By the way, dogs can also cause allergies, and also goats and sheep, whose feathers and pillows can be stuffed with wool, or ducks that provide fluff and feather for pillows.

Pollen: a seasonal phenomenon, but rather long, because different types of plants take on the baton of bloom from early spring to autumn.

Smog and other technogenic air pollutants: smog is released during the combustion of liquid and solid fuels.

Domestic air pollutants: if an additional forced ventilation system has not been implemented, most modern apartments are quite airtight. And it can contain a wide range of allergens: emissions from building materials, for example, a pair of formaldehyde, which is part of the adhesive for flooring, tobacco smoke.

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