Dehumidifiers reduce the humidity of the indoor air to an optimal level if it is too humid, helping asthma sufferers breathe more easily, preventing mould from forming and even drying washing. Breathe deeply without having to worry with a dehumidifier from Stadler Form.


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The Problem

Excessively humid indoor air

If the relative humidity is above 60%, the indoor air is classed as too humid. Such a high level can promote the growth of mould and put both human and the environment at risk. If the humidity is too high, it can pose a risk to allergy sufferers in particular.

Measure humidity? We explain how it works.

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The Cause

Development of excessive humidity

The moisture in the air increases when temperatures are high. That is because warm air can absorb more water vapour. A room is regarded as being too humid if the relative humidity value (proportion of water vapour in the air) is permanently above 60%.

The Solution

Dry out the air with a dehumidifier

If measures such as ventilating your home when the temperature drops, leaving the fan on in the bathroom after a shower, not drying washing indoors, etc. don’t help, it’s time to take action. The best solution is a dehumidifier. A mobile device that can be moved from room to room is preferable – like the reliable devices from Stadler Form.

How do air dehumidifiers work?

There are various types of air dehumidifier and they all work in different ways.

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