Dehumidifier which dries out!

SKU: A-041E
20 liter dehumidification capacity in 24 hours
Digital 24 hour timer
5-litre water tank with carrying handle
Room size 70m²
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Product information Albert

Where humid rooms are a nightmare, the dehumidifier Albert feels right at home! On the ground floor or in the basement, in the house by the water or even in the laundry, Albert is an efficient dehumidifier. The swing function of the air outlet ensures optimal air distribution. The dehumidifier Albert avoids efficiently mold in any room.


Technical data

Albert Sale price€399,00 Regular price€599,00
Theo Sale price€229,00 Regular price€289,00
Albert Sale price€399,00 Regular price€599,00
Theo Sale price€229,00 Regular price€289,00
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Greatest thing I’ve ever bought

I make handmade planners/notebooks and had a constant problem with paper wrapping due to excess humidity in the air (my printshop is in the basement, and humidity never went below 65%, most of the time it was 75%). I bought Albert and had him run continuously for 24 hrs - humidity after that time is 48%, pretty much ideal for my paper storage and digital printing. I couldnt be happier! Its beautiful, quiet and efficient. Would’ve paid a thousand bucks for it if i had to. Love you Albert!!

Perfect climate in the basement

We use Albert in our new building in the basement. The problem is that in summer, when humid outside air enters, the humidity can rise to over 70%, which can lead to mold growth. With Albert we have now got this problem under control. The device works almost silently, efficiently and can be adjusted very individually. Another plus point is that the device switches on the fan at short intervals to measure the humidity, switches on the compressor if necessary or switches off again when there is no need for dehumidification, so it is very energy-efficient. The design is also right, bravo.

Very efficient, silent, small and beautiful design

This dehumidifier is impressive in its efficiency. Also, it is silent, small and has a beautiful design, so you can use it in your living room. I would appreciate that future versions could clean the air with a HEPA filter.

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