Home fragrances

Home fragrances create a pleasant fragrance experience in any room. They help you to relax, energise or focus, have a positive influence on our everyday lives and ensure our well-being. They come in liquid (essential oils) or compact form (fragrance globes). Aroma diffusers help disperse fragrances in a room. Discover the beneficial world of fragrance from Stadler Form.

Essential oils

The essential oils from Stadler Form are suitable as room fragrances for all aroma diffusers that work with water. The oils are made from 100% natural oil blends and come from ecologically sustainable and cruelty-free production. Find the right essential oil for you now.

Effect of plants



Helps with*

Bergamot mood-enhancing, motivating, soothing, relaxing anxiety, stress, depression
Eucalyptus cleansing, motivating,refreshing, stimulating poor concentration, lethargy
Jasmine soothing, sensual, aphrodisiac, elicits euphoria inhibitions, inability to express or display feelings, nurtures women’s health
Camomile balancing, relaxing, protective, soothing, anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory anxiety, irritability, processing of emotions
Lavender relaxing, motivating, mood-enhancing restlessness, insomnia, overstimulation, emotional blocks
Peppermint clarifying, stimulating, grounding, improves concentration exhaustion, fatigue, difficulties focusing and concentrating
Rosemary invigorating, improves concentration, warming, strengthening, improves circulation grouchiness in the mornings, clarity, sluggishness, energy blockages
Sandalwood mood-enhancing, centring, inspiring, aphrodisiac, good for the skin anxiety, dissatisfaction, overstimulationg
Tea tree strengthening, reviving, clarifying, improves concentration lethargy, insecurity, listlessness, anxiety
Lemon mood-enhancing, improves concentration, invigorating, clarifying, vitalising fatigue, listlessness, headache and difficulty concentrating
*Source: aromalife.ch

Notice : Even naturally pure products can cause side effects such as skin irritation and allergic reactions. Always exercise caution when handling essential oils, caution is always advised. Especially with babies and small children it is important to be very cautious and always consult a specialist.

Fragrance pins

The fragrance pins from Stadler Form can be easily pinned to an air treatment device, allowing the room to be additionally scented. They are suitable for humidifiersair washersair purifiersdehumidifiers and fans. Discover the diverse world of fragrance pins now.

Fragrance globes

Fragrance globes from Stadler Form are made from bonded fragrance pearls enriched with aroma. Designed for use with aroma diffusers Lina, Nina and Tina from Stadler Form, they are an easy way to fill small rooms with fragrance which they emit for up to 4 weeks.

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