Essential oil Recharge

Essential oil for aroma diffusers, humidifiers, air washers

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Has a woody, tart scent like the Siberian fir
Invigorating and calming effect on the body
100% pure oils
10 ml
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Essential oil Recharge

The main ingredients of Recharge are fir and pine. The 100% natural essential oil Recharge by Stadler Form creates a fragrant room scent Pure essential oil with the blend Recharge from Stadler Form creates a pleasant interior fragrance. It is manufactured from high-quality plant essences. The oil originates from ecologically sustainable production, is not tested on animals and contains no synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens.

Woody and tart
Thanks to the two main ingredients, pine and fir, the Recharge essential oil is reminiscent of Siberian wild fir and has a woody and tangy scent.

Gives strength and calm
Recharge has a strengthening and at the same time calming effect on the body.

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Home fragrance


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22 x 69 x 22 mm


Makes the entire room smell nice

My flat smells incredible. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone.

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