Air washers 2 in 1

Air washers are 2-in-1 devices. They are a combination of humidifier and air purifier in one, creating an ideal indoor climate when the indoor air is dry and polluted. During humidification, pollutants are washed from the air and only clean, optimally humidified air is emitted back into the room at the same time.


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Air purifiers and humidifiers are two completely different devices. While a humidifier humidifies the excessively dry air, the air purifier filters pollutants such as particles, pollen, fine dust, viruses, bacteria and animal hair as well as gases and unpleasant odours from the air using a filter system. An air washer combines both of these functions.

The Problem

Dry and polluted air

For good, healthy air quality, the indoor air needs to be clean and optimally humidified. If the indoor climate is out of balance due to heavy pollution or the air being too dry, it can have a negative impact on health, well-being and personal productivity.

Symptoms caused by poor air

  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Irritated eyes
  • Dry cough
  • Weakened immune system

Symptoms caused by a poor indoor climate

A poor indoor climate can trigger symptoms of illness in people who are weakened by pre-existing conditions. For allergies, where the allergen is carried with the air, the symptoms can be intensified - allergy sufferers are thus unable to rest at home. However, regularly spending time in rooms where there is poor quality dry air can also have a negative impact on people who are healthy.

The cause

Too dry air

Bacteria and viruses remain in dry air for longer as it takes longer for them to be bound by water molecules and brought down to ground level. As a result, we breathe in more of them. The relative humidity is measured using a hygrometer. If the value is permanently below 40%, the air is too dry and it’s time to do something about it.

Polluted indoor air

The effective level of pollution cannot be measured. However, if there is no special ventilation in a room, it can be assumed that the indoor air is polluted. The sources of pollution vary in nature and can come from people themselves (hair and flakes of skin) as well as the outside world (exhaust fumes and pollen), in the form of particulate and gaseous pollutants

The Solution

Combat two problems with an air washer

An air washer is a combination of humidifier and air purifier in one device which carries out the two functions of humidification and purification at the same time. Thus, it ensures that you benefit from optimal indoor air in one step, without you having to look after two devices. Make your life easier with a 2-in-1 hero from Stadler Form

How an air washer works

With an air washer, the air is drawn in across a set of discs which rotate in water. In the water tank, particles, pollen, fine dust, bacteria, viruses and animal hair are washed from the air while the air absorbs humidity at the same time. The clean humidified air is then emitted back into the room again. So, the air washer does the job of both its peers: air purifiers and humidifiers. Naturally, air washers need to be cleaned regularly as they have a water tank system. However, this is a quick and easy job.

3 tips for purchasing an air washer

Happy Faces

Make everyday life better with an air washer

An air washer helps the whole family

Thanks to the 2-in-1 function of humidifying and purifying the air in the room, an air washer is an asset for the whole family. Whether you suffer from allergies, frequent colds or are constantly tired, an air washer supports your health by ensuring optimal humidity and purified air during the dry season. And the optimal room climate helps with your sleep, concentration for homework, alleviates symptoms of colds and allergies, helps to relax at home and much more.

George air washer

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The low-maintenance power pack!

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Practical water tank with 3.2 liter capacity

Disk pack and water tray are dishwasher-safe

2 in 1 humidifier and air purifier

Air washers are environmentally friendly 2-in-1 heroes

One advantage of air washers like George and Robert is that they do not need replacement filters. The disc pack rotates in the water, humidifying and purifying the air at the same time. It is equivalent to a filter, except that the disc pack is permanent and does not need to be replaced. This is easy on the environment and on your wallet - but it is important to clean the device regularly.

Design for clean air

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Luftwäscher (2in1)


Luftwäscher (2in1)