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General terms

1. Limited Liability Company "Koroso", Reg. No. 40003465924, address: Vestienas iela 2, Riga, Latvia, LV-1035; electronic mail address: info@stadlerform.lv / info@nivonashop.lv; website address: https://www.nivonashop.lv/ www.stadlerform.lv (hereinafter - the Company) undertakes to provide the Company's websites https:// www.nivonashop.lv/ www.stadlerform.lv (hereinafter - the website) and security of personal information of its visitors and protection of their rights when visiting the Company's website and getting acquainted with its content.
2. This cookie policy has been prepared with the intention of providing our website visitors with additional information about the technologies used on the website and how the Company uses them.
Information about cookies
3. Cookies are small alphanumeric files that are downloaded and stored on your computer or other device (eg smartphone, tablet) and stored in your web browser during your visit to the website. They may be used to keep track of which pages on the website you visit, to store information you have entered or to remember your preferences, such as language settings, as you browse the website. Cookies can be divided into the following cookie categories:
a) First-party cookies: These are cookies created by the service provider itself. They are sent from the service provider's device or domain from which the service requested by the user is provided.
b) Third-party cookies: These are cookies created by other service providers (third parties). They are sent from devices or domains that are not managed by the service provider itself. All data obtained from cookies is processed by a third party.
Purpose and legal basis for creating cookies
4. Cookies are necessary so that you can use our digital services more conveniently, for example to make online payments, so that we can obtain information about how visitors use our website, and so that we can improve the services we offer to visitors. Cookies are also used to provide you with customized information about our products and services.
5. We use different types of cookies that are placed by default (such as "necessary" cookies), but for some cookies that are used for analytical and targeting purposes, we ask for your consent. By giving your consent in the cookie bar that appears when you visit the website, you choose whether to allow the use of certain categories of cookies.
Types of cookies and their use
6. We use three categories of cookies, but only require user consent for two of them. You can accept both categories of cookies or only one of them. By agreeing to a category of cookies, you consent to all cookies in that category. You can change your preferences and refuse cookies at any time.
Necessary cookies
Necessary cookies are essential and allow you to access different parts of the website. These cookies are stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device during your visit and browsing on the website or for a certain period of time. They are set in response to actions you take that constitute a service request, such as setting your privacy preferences, signing in, or filling out forms. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website, so they cannot be turned off, and therefore the user's consent is not required for this category of cookies.
Statistical cookies
Statistical cookies allow us to count the number and sources of visits so that we can measure and improve the performance of our website. They help us understand which pages are the most popular and least used, and how visitors navigate our site. If you refuse the use of these cookies, your visit will not be included in our statistics, but at the same time it will not limit your activities on our website.
Marketing cookies
Targeting cookies are used to identify the content you want on this website and provide you with the most relevant information about our products and services, improve the customization of our content and extend your experience on our website. These cookies may be used for our advertising campaigns on third-party websites. If you agree to the use of these cookies, we may also receive information about the websites of our trusted partners where you have responded to our advertisements. If you refuse the use of these cookies, you will be presented with generic and non-personalized advertisements.
Third party cookies
7. Third-party cookies: These are cookies created by other service providers (third parties). They are sent from devices or domains not managed by the Company. All data obtained from cookies is processed by a third party. For example, we may use a Google Analytics cookies measurements of the interaction of our users with the content of our website. These cookies collect information about the user's interaction with the website, such as unique visits, repeat visits, duration of the session, actions performed on the website. Information about the purposes for which third parties use cookies can be found on the websites of third parties and their privacy policies. In our cookie tool (banner), you can see which cookies belong to third parties and familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of the relevant third party.

Profiling and automated decision making
8. We use profiling for advertising purposes to provide you with personalized content and recommendations, marketing offers tailored specifically to you. For profiling, we use information obtained through cookies that show what you are interested in. With the help of automatic tools, we group and analyze your data processed for the relevant purpose and make assumptions and predictions about what content and/or notifications might be relevant to you, i.e. we adjust the content, recommendations and/or offers according to your needs and interests. These actions do not have any independent data processing purposes, they do not have any significant impact on you and do not cause you any legal consequences.
Information about the person's consent to the creation of cookies
9. When visiting this website, a window is displayed to the user with a message that cookies are used on the website. If you click on the "Allow all" option, it means that you have agreed to all the cookies on the website and you confirm that you are familiar with the information about cookies, the purposes of their use, when the information is transferred to third parties.
10. Regarding the necessary cookies, the user's consent is not required, because these cookies ensure a complete and continuous display of the content of the www.nivonashop.lv / www.stadlerform.lv website, so that you can sign in to the website and receive an appropriate digital browsing and online experience.
Rejecting cookies
11. If you prefer not to use cookies on your device, you can manage your cookie preferences by ticking "Allow selection/decline" in the list of cookies used on the website in the "Customize" section. Note that such changes/choices may affect the functionality of the website and may prevent you from receiving personalized offers or advertisements.
Withdrawal of Consent
12. You can change which cookies you allow us to use or refuse to use cookies at any time. You can refuse all cookies except "necessary" cookies.
13. If you want to withdraw your consent to analytical and marketing cookies, click on the link: Withdraw consent to cookies
Policy changes
14. If you have questions about the processing of personal data, please familiarize yourself with the Company's Privacy Policy, which can be found in the "Privacy Policy" subsection of the "Personal Data Protection" section of the Company's website, or contact the Company's data protection specialist at info@nivonashop / info@stadlerform.lv
15. The company has the right to change this cookie policy at any time. All changes in the cookie policy will be published at www.nivonashop.lv / www.stadlerform.lv.

 A politically significant person

According to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation, a politically significant person is a person who holds or has held an important public position in the Republic of Latvia, another member state or a third country, including a high-ranking official of state power, state administrative units (municipalities) head, head of government, minister (deputy minister or deputy deputy minister, if such a position exists in the relevant country), state secretary or other high-ranking official in the government or state administrative unit (municipality), member of parliament or a member of a similar legislative body, political party leadership bodies (board) member, constitutional court, supreme court or other level court judge (judicial body member), board or board member of the supreme audit (audit) institution, central bank board or board member, ambassador, authorized clerk, senior officer of the armed forces, state a member of the council or board of a capital company, a head of an international organization (director, deputy director) and a member of the board or a person holding an equivalent position in this organization.

A family member of a politically significant person - a person who Politically significant persons:
a) a spouse or a person comparable to a spouse. A person can be considered a person comparable to a spouse only if the laws of the relevant country determine such a status for him,
b) child or child of the spouse or spouse-equivalent of a politically important person, his spouse or spouse-equivalenta person,
c) parent, grandparent or grandchild,
(d) brother or sister.

A person closely related to a politically significant person - a natural person who is known to have a business or other close relationship with one of the Politically Significant Persons or is a shareholder or participant in the same commercial company with one of the Politically Significant Persons, as well as a natural person who is the sole owner of a legal entity known to have been actually created for the benefit of a Politically Significant Person.

Delivery and Payments

Shipping Policy

1. Receiving the ordered goods in the store is a free service.

Vestienas 2, Riga, store "MS tehnika" - 0.00 EUR Store opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

2. Delivery in Latvia and Lithuania by courier EUR 5.00

Delivery of goods by courier anywhere in Latvia and Lithuania - free for orders over 150.00 euros, free if you want to receive the goods at home. Goods weighing more than 30 kg are delivered only to the front door of the house (apartment building). In this case, please take care of bringing the product home (carrying it to the apartment). The goods will be delivered within 2-3 working days after the customer consultant has informed you (by phone or e-mail) that your order has been prepared. By choosing this delivery method, you can pay in the internet bank or by bank transfer (advance payment after receiving the stadlerform.lv invoice by e-mail). Before accepting the product and signing the delivery note, visually evaluate the outer packaging of the product in the presence of the courier!

Types of payments:

Bank transfer (PDF invoice)

Visa, Mastercard

Removal of goods

• How soon should the ordered product be picked up from the "MS Tehnika" store?

The goods ordered in the online store and delivered to the store must be picked up within 5 days from the moment you received the first notification about the delivery of the goods.

After this period, the order is cancelled.

• I can't manage to pick up the goods

After receiving the notification about the preparation of the order in the "MS Tehnika" store, you have 5 days to receive the order.

If for some reason you cannot receive the product within the specified time, contact us by phone. + 371 67 141 035, send a message to e-mail info@nivonashop / info@stadlerform.lv or use the chat with an online consultant at www.nivonashop.lv / www.stadlerform.lv.

• What is required to receive the ordered product with delivery to the "MS Tehnika" store?

When receiving the goods in the store, you need to name the order ID number. Each order is assigned a unique number, which is known only to store representatives and the person who ordered the product. By providing the ID number of your order to third parties, you authorize them to receive the goods on your behalf.

• I think the delivery is delayed? Where should I call?

Please contact the store by phone + 371 67 141 035.

*For orders that will be paid by bank transfer or paid in installments, the delivery date may change due to the preparation of the necessary documents.

• Receiving the product from the courier - important!


Additional information by tel. + 371 67 141 035 or by writing a message to the e-mail info@nivonashop / info@stadlerform.lv.

In what cases the goods can be returned within 14 days.

You have the right to use the right of withdrawal and refuse the product by breaking the distance purchase contract of the product within 14 days without giving a reason.

You have the right to examine the characteristics of the product to the extent that it would be possible to do so in a normal store, that is to examine the product for the purpose of ascertaining its nature and not for any other purpose. Remember that you are responsible for the depreciation of the item.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal will end after 14 days, starting from the day on which you or a third party you indicated or authorized to receive the product received the product for its use.

In what cases the goods cannot be returned within 14 days.

Goods cannot be returned within 14 days if:

• the consumer has opened the packaging and/or damaged the product's protective seal, which is not accepted back due to personal hygiene.
• the goods perish quickly or will soon expire;

When receiving the goods from the courier, make sure that the packaging is not damaged. If there are damages, it is imperative to indicate them in the receipt of goods, which is with the courier.

IMPORTANT: if the defect in the packaging of the product is not recorded in the act of acceptance - at the time of receipt of the product, later we will not be able to consider your claims for damage to the packaging and the product inside it. If the product has been received in damaged packaging and the deed has NOT been drawn up, it may not be accepted back if you decide to refuse it within 14 days.


if the packaging is not damaged, but when you opened it you saw that:

• the product has external damage (for example, a broken screen or case);
• missing parts that are specified in the package

then within three days after receiving the goods, you can make a claim to us and use the right of refusal. Any claims submitted after this deadline will not be processed.
Additional information - by phone + 371 67 141 035 or by writing a message to the e-mail info@nivonashop / info@stadlerform.lv.

Will there be a refund for the product and shipping.

Yes, will be returned.

If you refuse the product within the right of withdrawal period, we will refund all money received from you, including the cost of delivery (except for additional costs incurred if you chose a delivery method that is not the cheapest of the standard delivery methods we offer), without for unjustified delays and in any case no later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed of your decision to refuse the particular item.
The refund will be made using the same payment method that you used in the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed to a different payment method.
In any event, you will not be charged for this refund, we may withhold payment until we receive the item back, or until you provide confirmation that the item has been returned, whichever is sooner.

Pay attention to the fact that:

• The product must be sent back or delivered to us in the store - without unjustified delays and in any case no later than 14 days after the day when you notified us of your decision to withdraw from this contract. The deadline will be met if you send the goods back before the expiration of 14 days from the day of purchase (receipt) of the goods.
• You will be responsible for the direct costs associated with returning the product.
• You are responsible for the decrease in value of the goods if the goods have been used for purposes other than those related to their properties.
• The consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product during the period when the right of withdrawal is valid (including the complete and perfect preservation of the packaging).


CONSUMER – a natural person who expresses a desire to purchase, purchases or could purchase or use a product
or for a service purpose that is not related to its economic or professional activity.
A legal entity is NOT a consumer and legal entities are not covered by Consumer Rights Protection
the law and the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers attached to it and other regulatory enactments regulating consumer rights.
A legal entity must conclude a separate contract or be guided by the procedure specified in the product's warranty card and
The goods of the online store www.nivonashop.lv / www.stadlerform.lv are provided with a guarantee provided by SIA "Koroso" or the manufacturer of the relevant product, which applies to all goods purchased in the online store www.nivonashop.lv / www.stadlerform.lv
Information about warranty service is indicated in the service (warranty) card or sales document attached to the product.

SIA "Koroso" promises, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights, to refund to the consumer the amount of money paid for the product or to exchange the product for a suitable one or to eliminate the non-conformity of the product without compensation, or to take other actions if the product does not meet the characteristics given in the warranty or advertisement.

Cases where the consumeram may be denied warranty repair:
1. The product has mechanical damage caused by the consumer's actions, including natural elements: lightning, fire, flood, etc. as a result of exposure to factors, as well as caused by the ingress of foreign objects, liquids, insects, etc.;
2. Damage to the product occurred because the conditions of the user manual were not followed during the installation, storage, transportation or use of the product;
3. During the use of the product, non-standard power supply units, accessories and spare parts were used, as well as
raw materials not certified by the manufacturer for use with the specified product and if this has caused these
product damage,
4. Regular maintenance has not been performed (applies to goods that require it).

At the same time, we would like to remind you that in the event of a product that does not comply with the terms of the contract, within two years from the day of receipt of the product, consumers have the right to use the rights specified in Articles 27 and 28 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, by applying to SIA "Koroso".

Find more information here:

In what cases is the manufacturer's warranty invalid?

The customer does not have the opportunity to use the warranty repair of the product if:

• The product has mechanical damage that occurred as a result of the user's actions, including if it was caused by a natural element: lightning, fire, flood, etc. Including cases where foreign objects, liquids and insects enter the device;
• The product is damaged as a result of improper installation, transportation or storage, as well as if the requirements stated in the user manual are not met during the product's operation;
• Non-standard power supply units, accessories and spare parts, as well as auxiliary materials, which have not been certified by the manufacturer and whose use has caused damage to the device, were used during operation;
• The device has not received proper service (only in cases where service is necessary);

What guarantees does a product purchased by a legal entity have?

Depending on the conditions of the product manufacturer, legal entities can receive a warranty for devices of different terms - from zero to two years.

If you represent a legal entity, you can find out whether the manufacturer provides a guarantee for a specific product by calling + 371 67 141 035 or by sending an email to info@nivonashop / info@stadlerform.lv