Aroma diffuser. Mobile room fragrance with a twist

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Easily adjustable fragrance intensity
Battery with up to 30 h running time
Can be used anywhere thanks to USB cable

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Product information Tina

Slender aroma diffuser lady Tina is the charming way to scent small rooms and bathrooms with a fragrance globe, to create an oasis of well-being. The unique system means neither water nor essential oils are required – easy to transport, without emptying out liquid. Simply insert your choice of fragrance globe, relax, and feel great. The fragrance experience is very easy to adjust by a slight turn of the top part. The further it is turned, the more intense the aroma. Tina can be used anywhere, and scores points for her USB cable for mobile use and adapter for use at home. She will subtly and reliably fragrance the room, without a cable, for up to 30 hours. The unobtrusive LED display, screened from the front, enhances undisturbed enjoyment. The unique fragrance globes, made from richly fragranced, bonded pearls release their aroma for up to 4 weeks, whilst your senses can delight in a choice of 6 different aromas. With Tina you can successfully introduce a pleasant scent into your room with a single twist.

Technical data

Product family

Aroma diffuser



Accessories (included)

1 Fragrance Globe White Amber

Power consumption

3.5 W

Noise level

< 26 dB(A)

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