Fragrance Globe Orange Bergamot

Fragrance Globe for Lina, Nina, Tina

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Product information Fragrance Globe Orange Bergamot

Orange Bergamot has a refreshing scent of Sicilian bergamot and freshly peeled orange with a floral note. Consisting of richly scented, fused fragrance pearls, Orange Bergamot is designed for room fragrancing using Lina, Tina and Nina. Ambient air flows through the fragrance globe and distributes the scent around the room for up to 4 weeks – with an aroma intensity of 3 out of 3.

Technical data

Product family

Home fragrance


0.04 kg


47 x 47 x 47 mm


Makes the entire room smell nice

My flat smells incredible. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone.

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