The personal humidifier

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Useable anywhere thanks to USB cable
Compact and handy – includes water bottle
Night mode: dim or switch off lights altogether
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Product information Emma

Emma is the ideal solution for dry air: your personal humidifier lady ensures optimal air humidity. Equipped with a USB cable for mobile use and an adapter for home use, Emma will be your constant companion. She loves to travel, so make sure she is packed in your travel luggage. Therefore, Emma has been designed to be light and compact: her housing can be stored in the bottle to save space. Packed in the convenient travel bag supplied, she’s always with you. Two different settings allow you to adapt the humidifier performance to your needs. This handy air humidifier is ideal for the bedroom; you’ll hardly notice she is there. Emma is very quiet at the lower level and her LEDs can be dimmed or switched off completely as required.


Technical data

Product family





White, black

Power level


Power consumption

10 W


Brains and looks

Emma is absolutely great, has excellent design, it is incredibly practical and works very well for the tiny humidifier in her. I am very happy Stadler created this product. Thank you!

The Little Nomad

Pretty and practical, it can be taken everywhere. Ideal for hotel rooms and long-distance travel, it does the job perfectly. With a small flow capacity, I plug it in as soon as I arrive and let it run continuously: the room is thus perfectly humidified when it's time to go to bed.

Not without Emma anymore

At home in the bedroom and when traveling in the mobile home - Emma optimally humidifies the air, is very quiet and looks great.

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